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Hello & Welcome to Wokify.
Thank you for visiting our site.  We’re a small independent Chinese takeaway located on Benton Road, near Four Lane Ends.  Small but very dedicated with all our wok chefs all being Hong Kong Chinese chefs who are the traditional UK Chinese takeaway chefs and now something of a rare bread. 
We strive to use quality ingredients and try our best to buy the same stocks from the same suppliers to help keep consistency.  We use minimal oil and MSG to aid healthier diets.
For those who have mentioned the “canny” resemblance to Fat Buddhas Honey Chilli Chicken, I can now say the recipe was in fact borrowed from there.  Unfortunately, Honey Chilli Chicken alone couldn’t help save FB as it closed its doors for the last time a couple of years ago.
Hospitality can be brutal but we’ve managed to pull through some testing times with Covid and now the massive incline in utility and produce costs.  We’ve been amongst the fortunate ones to have such a loyal customer base and be serving some of the nicest people in Newcastle.
We almost went bust before we even managed to get the doors open!  As some of you will have read in the Chronicle, we had a cafe in the city centre which we ploughed all our monies into before learning our investors for Wokify were pulling out due to the stock market crash at the time.  Two years of struggles pursued when we had to continue paying rent and business rates but somehow we managed to survive and got loans by every possible means.  So the story goes and here we are today…
We really hope you enjoy your experience. 

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Telephone: 0191 266 9248

383 Benton Rd
Newcastle upon Tyne 


Monday                    Closed

Tuesday                   5-9:30pm

Wednesday            5-9:30pm

Thursday                 11-2pm  then  5-9:30pm

Friday                       11-2pm    Then    5-10:00pm

Saturday                 5-10:00pm

Sunday                    5-9:30pm

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